I will assist you in locating the necessary ingredients to get your project off to a great start!! 

Preneurgrowth offers entrepreneurs affordable guidance in addressing business challenges and strategic problems in order to achieve set goals. We assist founders, innovators, startups, and younger generations in branding, launching new businesses, entering new markets, and commercializing ideas in order for them to think big. 

Marcel is my name, and I am not a millionaire. In fact, I don't even have a hundred thousand followers, but I will always answer the question, Why? Because my soul and gut tell me every day, "Marcel, let's do something to help others today." 

Making mistake after mistake has taught me how to build a business correctly. When everything fails, we must ask ourselves why it is failing. You will eventually get it right after several misses. Through advice and mentorship, my mission is to assist entrepreneurs and founders launching ideas in understanding how to overcome and succeed in the startup ecosystem.