• This plan is designed for startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profits, and those who desire to grow their business. 
  • We will draft a custom plan for you. This isn’t a one-size-fits- all, generic program.
  • Suggested 5 months commitment for best results. If this seems too long, ask yourself if is worth it to achieve your dreams.
  • We will make sure your mindset is on the right track to take control of your personal brand and will help you craft your story.
  •  You will learn strategies for growth, scaling, understanding your customer needs, revenue strategies and how to maximize your employee's potential.
  • I will advise you on leadership and how to build relationships online and offline.
  • This program  includes 5 hours a month of free consulting of 1-on-1 live meetings by video conference, 1-on-1 face to face meetings if you are local.
  • During these sessions, we will evaluate your progress, refine priorities, create strategies, and create an action plan for each period. 
  • We maintain strict confidentiality on all information discussed or shared.
  • When you are ready to commit this plan includes access to my LinkedIn community of individuals focused on business and entrepreneurship. A place where you can interact with like-minded people.
  • I will also help you with Linkedin social selling, tips and tricks.

We will cover;

📍Brand Consulting

📍Marketing Consulting

📍AI Prompts

📍Business Consulting 

📍Go to Market Strategy

📍 Brand Marketing 

📍Startup Operations

📍Content Creation

📍Value Proposition

📍Target Market

📍Finding Solutions To Your Startup Problems 


📍Revenue Model Review


📍User Experience Review

📍Team Productivity Review

📍Competition Comparison

📍Customer/User Expectations

📍Business Development Strategies

📍Growth Review

Individual custom projects available.